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Founded in 2013 by Colas BRODARD and Designer Vincent CADENA, ASTULA is a creative venture that develops original concepts to offer an unique collection of high-end contemporary furniture. OUr workshops are situated in the vicinity of Grenoble in the heart of French Alps. Astula manufactures exclusively in France though partnerships with specially selected local craftsmen.
Our team consists of an art cabinetmaker, two artisans dedicated to the realization of structures and an upholsterer. Each piece is manufactured and assembled by hand according to traditional techniques of woodworking. For the manufacture of complex parts, we incorporate to this traditional process some modern techniques such as cutting water jet.
Strong aesthetics and a unique identity are hallmarks of the ASTULA brand. Designed by Vincent CADENA, each piece is an elegant blend of minimalist lines, contemporary spirit, smooth curves and vintage inspiration.
We are launching our new products, the modular coffee tables LEGA.
Our collections are now on sale on MATEA, brand new e-shop specializing in design furniture!
You can follow us and stay informed of our latest news and products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



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The LEGA modules consist of a lacquered steel base topped with a solid or lacquered wooden tray. With several of these modules, unique coffee tables with great combination of forms and colors can be made. Handmade handcrafted with special attention to the details and finishes, the LEGA tables will fit perfectly together.